What is Cinnamon? Benefits and characteristics

What is Cinnamon ?

Cinnamon is a commonly used spice used in cooking as flavoring agent as well for health benefits. It is processed from cinnamon tree barks and turned into final products for consumption.

Types of Cinnamon

The cinnamon is available in these type of form and sold world wide and they are

TypesLengthOil content
Tube30 – 45 cm2-5%
Stick15 – 20cm, can up to 30-40 cm2-4%
Cigarette8 – 10 cm2-4%
Split30 – 45cm1.5-4%
Types of cinnamon products

Health benefits

There are plenty of medicinal properties in Cinnamon and widely used for various health benefits. They are such as follows:

1.Loaded with antioxidants

2.May have Inflammatory properties

3.Protects against heart disease

4.Improve sensitivity to insulin

5.Lower blood sugar levels

6.Beneficial effects on neurodegenerative diseases.

7.Defense against cancer properties

8.Prevents bacterial and fungal infections

9.Has anti viral properties.

Varieties and their characteristics

There are basically two different varieties of cinnamon used world wide. They are

Cassia cinnamon – It is grown from cinnamomum cassia tree

Ceylon cinnamon – It is grown from cinnomom verum tree which is native to Sri Lanka

Another key difference between the two varieties is their tastes. Cassia has a stronger and spicier flavor, while Ceylon’s taste is milder and sweeter with a citrus note.

Cassia also has a darker color than Ceylon. Additionally, Cassia’s texture is rough and thick, while Ceylon is soft, thin, and forms various layers when curling.

Recipes to explore

Adventure foods

Adventure foods

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