What is Tandoor and Bhatti Masala ?

What is Tandoor ?

Tandoor is a clay oven used widely in Indian cooking such as kebabs, tikkas, flatbreads and so on. It is widely with charcoal burnt up with the smoking with preheated degree of up to 450 degree Celsius. In modern days there are different tandoor ovens used such as electric tandoor oven, gas oven, charcoal oven.

Different types of tandoor ovens available in the market

  • Charcoal tandoor
  • Gas tandoor
  • Electric tandoor

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Definition of charcoal cycle, bhatti masala recipe and applying techniques for a new tandoor:

Charcoal cycle is defined as the cycle followed during the new tandoor oven is bought and the curing process. Charcoal cycle is very important during the curing process to avoid breakage and obtain a proper lasting tandoor oven for a longer time. Charcoal cycle is followed during first lighting up the tandoor because if in the first day itself the charcoal quantity is more then it can result up to the tandoor breaking or cracking because it can’t retain such a high temperature at the first 3 days.


It is basically used to cure the new tandoor oven .It includes various ingredients in it to give a new tandoor high heat resistant and proper maintenance and curing of tandoor. The ingredients are as follows:

  • Palak
  • Jiggery
  • Egg
  • Mustard oil
  • Banana
  • Turmeric powder
  • salt

 All the ingredients are grinded together and made into paste and applied in new tandoor oven for curing. Using a cloth the masalas are spread over the oven and salt water is used to clean the tandoor initially.

How to prepare a new tandoor list out step by step method ?

   DAY 1: 

  • 2KG of charcoal to be burnt.
  • Initially small amount is used to avoid breakage of the tandoor oven.

     DAY 2:

  • 3KG of Charcoal is used to burn and gradually increases the temperature.
  • Apply the bhatti masala 

     DAY 3:

  • 6 KG Charcoal needs to be added to the tandoor .
  • Apply the bhatti masala to the lit tandoor.

     DAY 4:

  • 6-7 KG Charcoal to be added as days gradually goes up so does the increase in charcoal. 
  • Apply Bhatti Masala to the tandoor once again.
  • Increase the temperature of the tandoor to its maximum capacity level.

     DAY 5:

  • 7-8 KG Charcoal 
  • Apply the bhatti masala inside the tandoor 
  • Heat the tandoor to max temperature [480’c ].
  • Later clean Tandoor oven with cloth .
  • Then sprinkle mixture of water and salt inside.

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