How Ghee coffee is perfect morning brew

History of ghee coffee:

To better understand where the idea of ghee coffee came from, let’s take a look at the historical context it sprang out of.

The practice of adding butter to caffeinated beverages may have been around since the 7th century! Yak butter tea originated in Tibet and is still a favorite morning drink in the harsh Himalayan mountains.

Tibetans tout its energy boost from the high caloric content, the many digestive benefits, and the hydrating and skin lubricating bonus that helps keep lips and face from chapping in the extreme cold.

Yak butter tea was brought to the wider world in the 13th century by the Chinese, but it wasn’t until 2009 that coffee entered the mix. Upon trying the famed butter tea, David Asprey was inspired to make his own version with coffee. Soon after, he developed the Bulletproof Diet and with it the now world-famous coffee drink, Bulletproof coffee.

Ghee coffee
Ghee coffee

And once people started realizing the benefits and deliciousness of butter in coffee, it was just a matter of time until the benefits of ghee were recognized.

Ghee, often confused with clarified butter, is made by simmering fresh milk to make into butter, and then simmering the butter at low heats and skimming away the impurities.

Top 4 Health Benefits of Ghee in Coffee:

1.Ghee Can Replace Cream for Those With Dairy Sensitivities

2.Ghee Can Help Neutralize Some of the Harshness of Coffee

3.Ghee is Full of Healthy Fats

4.Ghee is Packed With Vitamins


“Starting your day with ghee coffee can be really beneficial because there will be a slow release of insulin whenever you eat anything after that People with diabetes or metabolic issues can benefit more from it shares Karishma Shah, integrative nutritionist

bulletproof coffee
bulletproof coffee

Talking further about the benefits, she adds that adding ghee or butter can also help counter the side effects of caffeine “Coffee or caffeine can give some people jitters or make them anxious. So, the best solution to this is to add a little amount of fat to it. And especially for women, ghee coffee can help regialate the hormones,”


Ghee has been known to improve digestion and boost energy Dietician Neha Singh shares “Ghee coffee, despite its fat content, actual by aids weight loss by improving your digestion and helping to cut down the fat already stored in your body Ghee also makes coffee safe for people with lactose intolerance How ever, if you’re extremely sensitive to dairy consult a dietician once before consuming it.”

Since digestion of fat is a slow process drinking this high-fat caffeinated beverage early in the day means you’ll stay satiated for a longer duration


ghee in coffee
ghee in coffee

Starting your day with some amount of fat and protein is ideal, especially if you wish to improve your metabolism. “Ghee or bullet proof coffee is best consumed in empty stomach, so adding it to the morning routine is advisable.

It can also be a great fuel prior to a workout. However, not more than two cup should be consumed per day and definitely not after 5 pm as it interferes with your sleep pattern,” says karishma.

As for the amount of ghee advisable to add, that 2 tbsp per day is good enough for your health.


Vietnamese Coffee: Traditionally prepared from egg yolk, sugar, coffee and condensed milk

Matcha Latte: Made by mixing matcha powder (made from green tea leaves). water/milk, and a sweetener 

Citrus Coffee: Prepared by mixing lemon or orange zest or slices, coffee and cinnamon powder 

Snapchilled Coffee: When a hot cup of coffee is chilled immediately

Plant-based Coffee: Prepared from non dairy milk like almond, soy, oat or coconut

Turmeric Latte: Made by blending turmeric, milk, sweetener, cinnamon, and coffee


Adventure Foods recipes


coffee brewing
coffee brewing

Brew your regular coffee at low temperature for a minute (adding milk is optional)

Add 1tsp ghee to it and let the concoction stir for a minute

Turning the flame off, add your choice of sweetener (jaggery/honey/sugar) and mix well 

Serve the beverage.

Disadvantages of Adding Ghee to Coffee

Are there any disadvantages, or bad things about putting ghee in your coffee? Mostly it breaks down into a matter of opinion, but the common downsides people express are:

  • Taste/texture: some people just don’t like the flavor or oily texture ghee creates in a hot beverage.
  • Added fat: if you are trying to cut out as many excess fats as possible, you may not be willing to compromise on ghee’s high-fat content (even if it does have a lot of good fats).
  • Extreme dairy sensitivities: though most people with allergies and intolerances to dairy can handle ghee perfectly well, those with extreme sensitivities to dairy should exercise caution.
Adventure foods

Adventure foods

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